• What Is a Backflow Prevention Device? Is It Important?

      Backflow prevention devices are devices configured to prevent or avoid flow of a liquid (typically water) in a direction opposite to normal-use flow directions.

      In irrigation, a backflow prevention device is required to be installed between the municipal water supply and your home or business potable water system for the purpose of preventing your irrigation system’s water from flowing backwards into the municipal water system, potentially contaminating municipal water supplies (yours and your neighbors).

      Backflow prevention devices are required on all irrigation systems that are connected to municipal water supplies. Additionally, these devices are required to be tested annually by a certified backflow tester.

      Failure to have a backflow prevention device installed and tested on an annual basis not only jeopardizes the health of you and your neighbors, but may also result in your water being turned off by your respective water purveyor.

    • Will My Water Bill Go Up With a Sprinkler System?

      The answer to that question truly depends on what you are currently doing to water your lawn. If you are hand watering, this usually results in a visual saturation level, which in most cases is excessive.

      With an automatic sprinkler system and rain sensor in place your lawn will be properly watered at a sufficient rate. Watering intervals can be adjusted for efficiency and the rain sensor will disable the system during periods of rain. If you are not doing any watering at all there will be a noticeable increase. This will fluctuate from property to property depending on your personal water rates and the size of your lawn.

      With a well designed Automatic Rain system this precious natural resource will be managed both efficiently and effectively.

    • How Much Maintenance Does a Lawn Sprinkler System Need?

      Automatic Rain offers a variety of preventative maintenance programs which can be tailored specifically for your system. The minimum preventative maintenance we recommend is threefold.

      1. Spring Activation
      2. Winterization
      3. Annual Backflow Test
    • What Is Winterization?
      To protect your investment during our harsh winter months, it is absolutely critical that your system be winterized. During this service, our trained technicians turn off the water supply to your irrigation system and purge your system removing all water left in your pipes. This helps protect your heads, valves and piping from serious damage due to freezing. Like all other services, we stand behind our work. As long as your water (to the irrigation system) remains off until Spring Activation, we guarantee your system from any freeze damage provided Automatice Rain, Inc. does the Spring start-up also.
    • What Is an Annual Backflow Test?
      During this service, one of our certified backflow testers tests your device to ensure it meets the performance requirements as mandated by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and local municipal ordinances and codes. While this test is normally conducted with the Spring Activation, we can test devices anytime throughout the year.
    • What Does Spring Activation Include?
      During this service, our trained technicians turn your system on and thoroughly check every major component of your irrigation system. Each sprinkler head is checked for proper performance (no leaks, proper height, etc…). Any adjustments are made at this time to ensure your lawn and landscape is efficiently and effectively watered. If required, we replace the battery in your controller and set an efficient watering program.